Presenting technical concepts to different audiences

  • 27 May 2022
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Many times, at the end of some piece of analysis or meeting a milestone in a project, I found myself wondering how to best present the results so that others see what I see, i.e., why I think my results are interesting and helpful to others.

I’m keen to know if people have other tricks/secrets to make a presentation interesting/engaging/useful/helpful. I’ll share below my current approach for building a presentation:

  1. Understand my primary audience. Not everyone in my audience may be relevant or may be interested to take any actions on the back of my presentation so I’ll try to narrow it down to a group of people and I’ll focus to get my message across to them specifically. This doesn’t mean I ignore everyone else, I’ll try to make the presentation as inclusive as possible but without spending too much time explaining concepts that are quite common knowledge to my primary audience.

  2. Plan your presentation: how to build the story + how to present the story depending on the audience (heavily relying on 1)

    1. I try to make the story relatable to my audience so that I anchor the facts in their reality.

    2. Make the presentation actionable, show the audience why they should care about the presented results and how to action on them.
  3. Prepare the speech! I think it’s important not to stop after the slide deck is ready as preparing the actual speech is equally important for the flow of the story.  I think the best speakers don’t just try to wing it, although they are so natural that it seems like they do actually wing it! :) 

What do people think? Do you do anything differently depending on the audience? 

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