Whats the most "fun" thing you've done with Data Science?

  • 25 April 2022
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We often talk about the Data Science projects we do purely from a business perspective. Predicting customer behaviour, forecasting demand and so on. But Data Science can be used in a huge variety of ways.

What’s the most “fun” thing you’ve done with Data Science?

For me it was using NLP and Audio analysis (via Tensorflow) to compare and contrast the music of Radiohead with Little Mix. Then present it at EARL Conference!

3 replies

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Don’t know if this counts as fun to everyone, but I designed an Algorithm to pick 7 Wonders boards for my family. Everyone was complaining that they always used the same board, so I thought why not do some data science to help out!
I also think it gave them more of an understanding of what I actually do as a job which is another positive! 

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Not sure I can top Little Mix vs Radiohead comparison Chris, but sure would love to see that deck?!

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I recreated The Oracle of Bacon which was fun, but not as fun as carrying out Network Analysis on the relationships from the first 6 seasons of Love Island 🌴